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#22 Making a big deal out of small plates – simply put, Black Market are serving up flavours which are unquestionably some of the best in our region.

Write up by Paul @fatfoodclub We headed down last Saturday to meet owners head chef John, business manager Justina and their four-month-old Black Market restaurant. Taking on a grade 2 listed renovation challenge and being told the job would be complete in 12 weeks, it wasn’t until September last year and six agonising months later when the first guests to Black Market arrived through the door. The wait had been worth it - Black Market is small, bright, modern, chic and every other word imaginable to describe a cool and trendy independent eatery in the heart of Chapel Allerton, Leeds. The look and feel tick every box, but it is the food which makes Black Market stand out as one of the most exciting places we have visited in a long time. Without labelling its food, John and Justina are open about what they want Black Market to achieve. They are humble about its early success. They are taking small steps each day and appreciate every success which comes their way. ‘We didn’