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#21 Expect glitz and glamour at the brilliant Dakota Deluxe this holiday season.

The festive season raised its head last week as we were invited to try out the outstanding new menus being offered at Dakota Deluxe in Leeds. With a five star rating on Trip Advisor and ranked as the best hotel in Leeds, it is fair to say when we were asked to visit last week to try out their seasonal menus, we were quick with our reply. Dakota Deluxe offers an elegance hard to find elsewhere in Leeds. Guests are welcomed in style with an interior that sets a sophisticated tone. Having visited before, it is quite clear that Dakota Deluxe is a place which means business whilst also providing a backdrop for those who want to kick back, relax and enjoy an excellent experience in fine food and drink. It is worth mentioning at this point that Dakota Deluxe is part of a small group of exclusive hotels which command exceptional standards. Floor to ceiling windows for example in the 'Boardroom' make the perfect backdrop for corporate events. Similarly, expect a dedica