#8 Rare, medium and well - tips for cooking your perfect steak.

Having been sent a butchers box of delicious British and specialist meat from one of the oldest and best markets in the country, it only seemed fitting that a post detailing my ideas on cooking the perfect steak should swiftly follow. The well matured, sealed and delivered 8oz Buffalo Sirloin from Keevil and Keevil at Smithfield Market in London is taking centre stage here and the guidelines that follow should lead any aspiring kitchen maestro to an award worthy winning steak. 

 1. Take out the sirloin from the fridge and remove its packaging before bringing the steak to room temperature. Brush each steak with a tablespoon of olive oil followed by the all important seasoning. My advice is to season plenty - on this occasion I am using a fabulous all American dry Lanes Signature rub (alternatively a mix of ground coriander, cumin, celery salt, crushed black pepper corns and chilli flakes would work brilliantly)
 2. Bring a griddle pan to a good heat (not to the point it is smoking otherwise you will burn the dry rub and steak). For rare steak you should now cook this for 3 minutes, a medium sirloin should take around 6 minutes whilst a well done 8oz sirloin should take around 9 minutes. Do not be tempted to move or touch the steak whilst it is cooking with the exception of turning the sirloin over once during cooking. These cooking times should work well for a ribeye too but add three minutes to each for a fillet steak. Towards the end of cooking drop in a knob of butter and cover each steak loosely with foil. The butter will make the steak glisten and add an extra subtleness to its final flavour.
3. Resting is so important at this stage. Leave the steak for the time it was cooked, the more well done the less time is needed for it to rest. Resting the steak retains its juices, flavours and gives it time to firm up before hitting the plate.
 4. Serve the steak on its own or alongside some of your favourite accompaniments. In my case, i knocked up a quick, tasty and tangy Argentine chimichurri dipping sauce and roasted sliced pitta bread in olive oil, finely chopped chilli and a teaspoon of garam masala.. Alternatively, a crisp salad or Diane sauce would taste just as excellent.
5. Finally, enjoy with a bottle of red - ideally one which is full bodied and can hold its own against your delicious and perfectly cooked steak!

Thanks again to the guys at Keevil and Keevil, Smithfield Market, London.

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