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#11 Sardines with red rice, quinoa, Skyr and pomegranate.

Gloriously nutty and super food healthy - this simple dish follows on from my last recipe where I am using sardines as the centre piece. Alongside the sardines, i am also taking inspiration from my recent Iceland trip. I am using Skyr yogurt for extra taste and all round balance. It can be easily adopted by using brown rice and normal Greek style yogurt if the Skyr isn't available. Serves 2 - 15 minutes Ingredients 1 tin of sardines (120g) 125g of cooked red rice and quinoa mixed 1 whole pomegranate with seeds set aside 1 small handful of packet mixed seeds (sunflower and pumpkin work well) 1 small handful of chopped coriander - enough for a heaped tablespoon 2 tablespoons of Skyr Icelandic style yogurt Extra virgin olive oil Method Firstly cook the red rice and quinoa mix as per packet instructions. Serve the rice mix. Meanwhile, place the sardines on top of the rice mix and dollop with a generous serving of Skyr (about a tablespoon per serving). Sprinkle the p

#10 Toasted sourdough with sardines and smashed avocado (makes 2 servings)

Superfood overload – healthy and nutritious – this simple but delicious recipe will make lunch times a meal to look forward to. All of these ingredients listed below are readily available in the supermarket. You will find the mixed lentil and sprout mix in the fresh produce section . Ingredients: 1 avocado – cut in half and scooped into a bowl 1 sourdough loaf 2 tins of sardines (6 small individual sardines are needed for this recipe – I have found each shop bought tin contains around 4 individual sardines) Mixed lentil and sprout mix Extra virgin olive oil Seasoning Method 1.        Smash the avocado with the back of a tablespoon in a round bowl. Meanwhile, toast the sourdough. Once toasted, roughly spread the avocado on the sourdough. 2.        Open the sardines and place each on the prepared sourdough. 3.        Sprinkle a small handful of the mixed lentil and sprout mix over each sardine and avocado before finally seasoning with salt and pepper. 4.

#9 Velkomin a Islandi

We picked up our tour guide ‘Vlad’ at the airport in the usual fashion of looking around for boards held up with our names plastered across in bold writing. Before we travelled we'd imagined what Vlad might look like. We imagined him to maybe resemble a Viking (he did indeed resemble a Viking, only a little shorter in height and less hair) Vlad led us to our coach and there we met his accomplice – and driver - ‘The Silver Panther’ – we never understood his name fully and so we settled with ‘Vlad and Pinkie’ (Pinkie because we thought the 'Pink Panther' sounded better than the 'Silver Panther') – It was taken in good spirit and so on we travelled to our first taste of Iceland – an all you can Italian pizza restaurant. Grendavik is an affluent harbour town by all accounts but appeared no different to other towns we visited – typically characterised by isolated houses in a rainbow of colours – some blue, others red. Each town was quiet – Iceland is an outpost for

#8 Rare, medium and well - tips for cooking your perfect steak.

Having been sent a butchers box of delicious British and specialist meat from one of the oldest and best markets in the country, it only seemed fitting that a post detailing my ideas on cooking the perfect steak should swiftly follow. The well matured, sealed and delivered 8oz Buffalo Sirloin from Keevil and Keevil at Smithfield Market in London is taking centre stage here and the guidelines that follow should lead any aspiring kitchen maestro to an award worthy winning steak.   1. Take out the sirloin from the fridge and remove its packaging before bringing the steak to room temperature. Brush each steak with a tablespoon of olive oil followed by the all important seasoning. My advice is to season plenty - on this occasion I am using a fabulous all American dry Lanes Signature rub (alternatively a mix of ground coriander, cumin, celery salt, crushed black pepper corns and chilli flakes would work brilliantly)  2. Bring a griddle pan to a good heat (not to the