#7 The hangover from Christmas - eating in January 2018

Food in January is always a bit like the hangover from Christmas. Over indulgence of deliciously rich food across the festive season has paved the way for diets, gym memberships and healthy food. Fortunately, being a foodie means looking for inspiration even at the darkest of times can come with just a little effort. To help everyone else, ive posted a round up of my January 2018 so far...

(Gym membership and diet plan are not included!)

Red Cos - Cos it can! Bitter with a wicked crunch, red cos is very similar to the more familiar green cos found on most supermarket shelves.This lovely little leaf tastes brilliant in just about any salad. I have tried keeping the leaf whole and mixed it with other green salad like cucumber and spring onions to get the very best from its taste (and looks!) 

Roasted tomato salad tastes excellent when the tomatoes are still hot. Adding goats cheese at the end; the two work well together. There is simply no better taste in January than a bowlful of slightly warm and melted goats cheese with sweet roasted tomato. 

A delicious spinach and roasted chick pea salad. Grabing a generous handful should easily serve one person. Adding a carrot cut into ribbons alongside a squeeze of lime and crumbled feta make this a delicious and light lunch time meal.

Roasting on a trivet makes for an excellent gravy - any spare vegetables just about work. I like how there is very little care taken into chopping whatever finds its way into the roasting tray. Over Christmas and new year (and even now i have spare) i used fresh thyme in most of what i roasted freezing up the spare thyme for the next  time i needed it. 

Combining food and photography make for great little hobby!

Growing rosemary in the garden could not be easier - and the stuff grows all year round and in just about any weather! I don't tend to be green fingered when it comes to gardening, however, growing rosemary could not be easier. I have also found that mint and and sage grow well too.

Roasting chick peas in a little olive oil, ground cumin and coriander with chilli and seasoning make for a brilliant little snack. Roast for 20 minutes in a hot oven. Quick tip - drain and dry the chickpeas in a clean cloth before roasting. Spread them evenly on a roasting tray!
Simply roasted mixed tomatoes in olive oil, fresh thyme, garlic, chilli flakes and seasoning. I usually roast these in a hot oven for about 20 minutes before finishing them off with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

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