#5 All things sweet at Kaspa's Desserts, Leeds

Indulging in chocolate sundaes, ice cream desserts, waffles and more; we jumped at the chance to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings by visiting Leeds best and newest ice cream parlour last week. Bringing with it the new hype and glamour in all things sweet, Kaspa’s Desserts will simply not disappoint.

Nestled inside the The Core shopping centre there is something of a sweet tooth takeover; an explosion of sweet treats that will leave you every bit pleased that a visit to Kaspa’s Desserts was in fact a moment of genius. The reason is simple, the food is just as good to look at as it is to eat. Just as pleasing on the eye, the only problem you will face here is a distinct satisfying case of over indulgence and whisperings of cross table food envy.

The quality of food is excellent, prices are very reasonable and the service was fantastic. The menu is busy, but that does not compromise on flavour. There is a whole range on offer here and the variety appears to be an endless mix of toppings, sauces, sprinkles and flavours. We sat down to our seats and ordered a freshly baked peanut M&M® waffle covered with a rich and warm chocolate sauce and smooth strawberry ice cream. It tasted amazing and looked fantastic. Next up, the deliciously soft New York style baked cheesecake finished with a Brulee glaze and made with a super tasty Madagascan vanilla bean. It doesn’t stop here; the menu endlessly tempts the taste buds with cakes and puddings, glittering and show stopping sundaes and colourful milkshakes and smoothies. On top of this, and by now struggling, we ordered a hot fudge sundae. It came with warm fudge pieces, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a Belgian chocolate sauce. Just like what had come before it, it tasted excellent. The hype surrounding this place is true and can only be truly appreciated by taking a visit. We left knowing full well that we will be returning soon.

Serving up deliciously sweet flavours on big plates and tall glasses, Kaspa’s Desserts is definitely one to try!

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