#1 The Supermarket

Supermarkets would proudly show off their produce with deals and half price offers on the very best and freshest food available. Growing up on healthy lifestyle packed with fruit and veg was a very important part of childhood. The humble tomato played centrepiece to salads with iceberg lettuce, peppers, cucumber slices of bread and always salad cream. The humble tomato, bright, colourful and red.

It was only recently things became clear. Supermarkets had been very clever, my palate trained. My senses, tricked. They had left an impression that things would never change. The salad was always just going to taste like it always ever did. Plain. Bland. The tomato, perfectly round, not yet ripened and somewhere perfectly between sweet and bitter making it neutral and tasteless. And no wonder a million people will stand proud declaring they are done with salads, their hate for the tomato. Salads have had a fair bashing. And for good reason.

Enter the farmers market. Supermarkets have stepped up their game. Online produce available in boxes delivered to your door. The humble tomato has taken on a new identity. Oranges, purples and yellows fill boxes and whole aisles dedicated to the salads champion. Married with olive oil, honey and whatever else might take your fancy, the tomato can hold its own. It can sit alongside apples or pears, rocket or lettuce,  nuts and seeds. Roasted with peppers and blitzed into a sauce, without doubt the tomato has taken on a new lease of life. It has weathered the supermarket hell and moved into something better. It shares its space on shelves and aisles with names and varieties that burst with flavour. Roll on summer, its been good for food (and salads) so far!

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