#3 The Takeaway

It's crazy to think of food without thinking of alcohol. Cheese and wine have long been associated together. In Germany,  beer is served alongside sausage and in Russia they even drink vodka with breakfast. But this isn't a geography lesson in food and drink. So, back to my point, these two things go well together and no better example can be given than to that of the trusty takeaway. Firstly, they are like the late night peace keepers running an operation between people leaving bars to them getting home to bed. Secondly, they serve the needs of people who are hungry, finished with pubs and in some cases moved onto decorating shopfront windows and who now turn to food as the only cure to fill their now even bigger appetites. Once inside you are hurried along, your order quickly placed and served before the worlds most patient staff who carry looks of having seen this all too many times before are interpreting yet another sentence of words that usually comes with free garlic bread on anything over £10.
Takeaways are the masters of fast food. Done right, they can serve up fresh food which holds their own in calories but do not compromise in quality. They have adapted to local demand (try chip spice in Hull,  chicken Chasni is Glasgow or the pattie, again in Hull) Some have even migrated these tastes to other towns (Sicily's in Leeds smacks a punch on a Middlesbrough 'Parmo')
Nestled amongst the people, houses and shops, Roundhay Road in Leeds offers no end to fast food and takeaways. Charcoal Chicken is one of these. And probably the heavyweight of fast food down a road already full of competition. Everything about its chicken kebab is fresh. The breads are made fresh (which is quite rare in its own right), succulent chicken is served alongside a salad that hasn't been thrown together days earlier. The chicken is very well marinated and the Pakora is deep fried in  a very crisp batter. Charcoal Chicken opens at midday,  it doesn't have a quiet time. From midday to midnight,  this place doesn't stop with customers queuing and eating (it has tables at the back) and an ever presence of people enjoying their food. 
There is defiantly more to the takeaway than just the start of an end following a night of drinking. They can hold their own in serving up decent food and the very best can stand out as a delicacy of the high street. 

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